MasterDigital is a leading provider of audio mastering, preservation and restoration services worldwide.

Audio is our passion.

Based in the New Orleans area. Since 1991.

CD Mastering

We can help you achieve your goals, whether your audio is intended for download or physical delivery. We use no mastering plugins, just pure out-of-box experiences with Pyramix, Crookwood, Prism Sound, Genelec, Dorrough, Weiss, GML, Crane Song, Studer, and many others. See our gallery below.

Audio Restoration

Restoring audio today requires sophisticated techniques. We use CEDAR CambridgeTM and other powerful tools. Whether your needs are personal, commercial or forensic, chances are we can help you.

Audio Preservation

Your recordings are valuable, and we can help you preserve them for the future. Talk to us about today's rigorous preservation protocols, or adapting them to suit your needs.