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Hannibal HNCD1422

The Yockamo All-Stars
Dew Drop Out

The Yockamo All-Stars is an exuberant aggregation of creative natives and well-seasoned transplants assembled by Mark Bingham at his Boiler Room studio in uptown New Orleans with the intention of capturing the full spirit an feeling of the Crescent City sound at its purest and most intense....


Herlin Riley drums + tambourine on track 1, Walter Payton bass + vox on track 6, Glenn Patscha piano + Hammond B-3 organ, Mark Bingham El guitar + Tambourine on track 2, June Yamagishi El guitar on track 9 + 12 string guitar on track 2, Reggie Houston baritone sax, Clarence Johnson III tenor sax, Tim Green tenor sax, Jessie Davis alto sax, Leroy Jones trumpet, Craig Klein trumpet .

Produced by Mark Bingham and Joe Boyd
Arrangements by Glenn Patscha
Cover Illustration by Steve Guarnaccia
Band Photography by John Free
Design by Steven Jurgensmeyer
Music Copyist: Brice Winston
Year Released: 1999

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